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The Most Desired Amenities for Renters

Successful landlords build great relationships with stable tenants. They also build a reputation as managing a great place to live, so prospective tenants want to apply and make the rental property their home.

For many tenants, finding the right rental home isn't just about price and neighborhood. It's about amenities. You need to provide a place that renters cannot resist. Here are some of the top qualities that attract prospective tenants:

  1. The property is well-maintained.

Renters do not want to deal with maintenance issues; it's one of the advantages of renting a home. Make certain when you show a house or apartment that there are no maintenance issues, and that the procedure for reporting a problem is clear cut and promptly responded to.

Some landlords and property managers conduct periodic inspections to ensure that the property remains in good shape. These can be arranged with the tenant, or they can be done informally when you are in the unit for regular maintenance needs such as replacing heating filters or pest control.

  1. Parking

Renters always love off street parking, so if you have a building with a parking lot or garage space, or a detached house with a garage, play this feature up.

  1. Convenient location for walking

You've got a good location if your rental property is within convenient and safe walking distance to local shopping, restaurants, attractions, entertainment, and public transportation.

  1. Washer/dryer in the unit

It's great to have coin laundry on site, but tenants appreciate the convenience of having a washer/dryer in the unit. They can wash clothing any time of day or night (unless there are noise rules in place for nighttime hours). Some tenants want to bring their own washer/dryer, so if you have hookups, that is also an advantage.

  1. Storage Space

Closets, or separate storage areas in a basement are a great amenity. If your unit has a walk in closet, or a large closet in the master bedroom, you have a feature that many people want. If your apartments do not have good closet space, you may consider having a walk in closet built in one bedroom. A large closet is a bigger selling point than a large bedroom for many renters.

  1. Pets are allowed

A pet friendly rental is desirable for many people and an absolute must for others. The most popular pets are dogs and cats. Here is some information on pet-friendly practices.

  1. Individual climate control

Having central air or heat is a definite plus. It's even better if the tenant can control the thermostat to their individual comfort. If the tenant is paying the utility bill, there is no additional cost to the landlord or other tenants if they want to keep the house or apartment freezing in the summer or tropical in the winter.

  1. Outdoor areas

Some tenants like living in a place with a pool, especially if they do not have to maintain that pool. But a pool is not practical in many areas. However, gardens, playgrounds, benches, and places to enjoy the outdoors on the property are a great way to attract tenants and allow them to socialize and enjoy life. With a single family house, even a fenced in yard is a benefit.

By Janet Hill

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