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Most of the time, when you are looking for a rental home, you expect to have a lease of a year or more.  You may have in some locations a month to month agreement, especially if you are renting part of an owner occupied two family home. 

But there are times when you need a rental for a short term, due to your health, your job, or your schooling. Or maybe you are traveling, and intend to be in an area longer than the average hotel stay, but not committing to a full lease. 

Short term rentals come in several categories.  A recent phenomenon is the development of corporate housing, intended to be available to employees or customers of a corporation or training institute.  Corporate housing is available in many metropolitan areas, fully furnished, and often with concierge services accompanying the rental of space. It is designed to take the worry out of finding a living space if you are in a location to complete training, or perform a short term service. 

Some medical institutions have also developed corporate housing for patients. If you have to travel for medical treatment that lasts for a month or more, you and your family need a place to live.  Consequently, having an apartment that meets your needs conveniently furnished and located can be a real help.

Other types of short term rentals include small landlords who own multi-family homes and are willing to rent on a month to month basis.  It’s best to be careful with these, and make certain that you understand the terms of your agreement. Generally you are entitled to notice if the landlord decides to end your rental agreement, and you are obligated to give notice as well. It’s important in these types of rentals to have a good relationship with your landlord and open communication.

Finally, there are short term rentals that most of the works is familiar with, thanks to online sites that offer vacation rentals ranging from luxurious homes to spare couches.  These are good for travel, or for temporary business or family related travel.  Again, make certain that you understand and abide by the terms of the agreement as stated on the website, and do your homework. Find out as much as you can before booking a short term rental online, to make sure that it meets your needs.

By Alan Hammond

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