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Springtime Tasks for Landlords and Property Managers

Summer is coming, and with it, moving season is also on the way.  Not only is it easier to move in warmer weather, but many families prefer to relocate when the kids are out of school so they can start the academic year fresh.

Spring gives you an opportunity to get things done in preparation for summertime, warm weather, and potential new tenants.

Maintenance is key right now. If you need major repairs to roof, windows, parking area, now is the time to have them done. The weather tends to be good, and even if you are in a climate with a lot of rain, scheduling major work now gives you and the contractor a window of opportunity for rescheduling. Later in summer, you run into very hot weather and hurricanes in some climates, so the earlier you schedule major repairs the better.

The large big box stores are having sales now. Stock up on things you will need for the year – heat and air filters, light bulbs, paint, plumbing accessories, landscaping needs. It never hurts to save money!

If you’re in an area affected by ice and snow, now is the time to clean gutters, and answer any maintenance requests that were delayed by winter.  Double check with tenants to make sure that you have taken care of their repair requests.

Make sure you spruce up the place – work with a landscaper to put in plantings, and set up common outdoor areas. This is a great time to see if you need to paint, or do work on brick on concrete repair.

Spring is also a great time to have some rental community events if you own or manage an apartment complex.  The more tenants can socialize and interact with each other and you, the less trouble with botched up communication.  Picnics, community-wide garage sales, and social gatherings are a great way to build relationships and keep good tenants happy with a sense of belonging.

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By Alison Street

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