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A new age booking and scheduling system.

I hope you are safe and healthy. The potential spread of the virus has been a serious threat and has hit a lot of Pools, clubs, recreation parks, and wellness centres.

Keeping facilities like yours in mind, we have built a solid new-age Booking and Scheduling Management System built exclusively for your Amenities.

We have helped more than 5000 properties and facilities including Pool Management Group, American Pool, FSResidential, to open their business safely and manage it effectively.

Choosing the right software is never easy. Especially, for core operations such as managing bookings and memberships. We have streamlined operations for 1000+ property management companies with features such as:

Service Store: A website for all your services. Control over what's free and paid.

Membership Access: Limit access to amenities and services as per levels of membership. Members can access their upcoming schedules and transaction history in their accounts.

Frontdesk: Book services for your clients, send payment links to confirm or cancel bookings, all from one page.

Calendars & Scheduling: Manage and view your team schedules as well as attendee list, create a wait-list, and send emails to attendees notifying any change to upcoming schedules.

Auto-Emails: Customise your invoices, reminder emails, waitlist emails + automate them.

Liability Waivers: Add a COVID-19 screening form before booking + a mandatory liability waiver essential for most organizations today.

and many more to help you operate operations smoothly and safely.....

Do reach out to me at joel@getomnify so that we can talk more about how we can help you open during these unprecedented times.
Best regards.

joelomnify       05:37 05 Jun 21

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