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Evicting tenants how do I do that

I'm really sick about this, but I rent a small house to tenants who are behind in rent and trashing the place. I have been patient, given them time, worked with them to fix plumbing, electric, and even added private trash pickup and hauling to help them keep up with cleaning. But now we have signs of rodents, bad smells, and I dont want to lose the house.

I really hate to do this, and also I don't have the muscle. How do I get the law enforcement to serve them notice and if necessary force them out? How do I keep them from trashing the place further?

livinthedream       07:05 13 Aug 22


04:56 11 Feb 23

Usually it is easiest to hire an attorney that provides an eviction package. He/she can guide you through the process of evicting the tenant. You won't need to be the "muscle" as the Sheriff will do that if required.


10:34 19 Mar 17

Thanks scOtssr. I have started eviction proceedings, using an attorney and the sheriff. It's gotten nasty, but the house has to be kept in good repair.


08:21 25 Mar 17

I faced evicting a tenant once. I vowed I never would face that again, if I could help it.

Good news is that you are not alone when the law is on your side - Glad you are proceeding.

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