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Feral cats

One of the tenants was evicted, and left behind too many cats which have gone feral. (I am glad I didnt have to clean out that apartment!) I have cats, and I want to trap the ferals, take them to a shelter to be neutered, and release them. How do I do that? Do shelters give you guidance?

The other tenants want animal control to come out here and catch them and take them to a shelter that might kill them. They don't want them released in this area.

Catlady       Edited on 04:43 31 Dec 16


03:06 25 Dec 16

That happened where I lived, and i really hated it. It's cruel to the cats to abandon them and it causes problems with pets that are taken care of.

I wouldn't be in favor of releasing them, as they might have diseases that could spread. But maybe a no kill shelter will help with neutering and relocating the colony.

Some of the feral cats near me should have been put down. Constant fighting, injuries, infections.


04:44 31 Dec 16

Thanks yes, I am hoping to work with a shelter. I'm just afraid they would be killed since they are pretty wild now. But they do cause a lot of problems.

I really hate it when people hoard animals.


08:40 08 Apr 17

Yes, it is hoarding. We've started a trap neuter release activity here, but it is not easy.

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