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Finding the best tenant

I'm new to owning rental properties. I have a house that I bought at auction and am currently preparing it for rental. How do I find a good tenant? It seems I now hear every nightmare story about the tenant who wrecks the place, breaks stuff, and leaves in the dead of night with trash and animals locked up in the house.

So does anyone have good suggestions for how to recruit good tenants?

muzzicPem       01:50 23 Dec 16


01:53 23 Dec 16

Great question! Check out our article here. Does anyone else have suggestions?


01:55 01 Jan 17

This is good advice. It works both ways. When I was looking for a good rental home, I wanted someone who would screen tenants so that I knew I was living in a good building. You really want to check people out.

I saw the listing on a website, and I contacted the realtor. Sometimes thats a good way to start with attracting the right people.


04:10 12 Mar 17

I always do background checks and credit checks. I don't accept anyone who is not willing to do this. In my experience, the few times I did, it did not end well.

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