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Handicap Handrails

I've been trying to get the landlord to put handrails on the tub for my mom. She is recovering from a fall, and getting in and out of the tub is dangerous. She can do it, but she needs to hang on to something, - or someone. He's been saying that he's not obligated and we have to do it. I don't know how and want to be sure it is done right. What do we do?

Twinsplus2       08:04 25 Dec 16


11:40 31 Dec 16

Hi Twinz,

There are laws about disabled access. Generally, modifications like this are made at your expense - it's called reasonable modifications. Sometimes a landlord might want you to restore the wall to the original condition when your mom's lease is up.

Submit the request to your landlord in writing. Some modifications for disabled access may be covered by laws which require that any apartment built after 1991 should be in compliance with the Fair Housing Act. Most of the time, tenants pay for modifications such as this.

Let your landlord know that you will pay a handyman or carpenter or other professional to install the handrails. Your landlord may have some suggestions for professionals who will do this. They may also want you to sign a statement that the wall will be restored and any damage to the wall is your responsiblity.


08:26 25 Mar 17

Good advice!


08:37 08 Apr 17

Thanks. My son has CP so accomodations are important. Having a good relationship with the landlord so you can work with them is important, and they will work with you.


08:28 02 May 17

Thanks everyone. we're moving forward with this.

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