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Hiring a Property Manager

After going it alone for a while, I have decided to hire a property manager. My last adventure with evicting tenants kind of cinched the deal for me. It's worth paying a firm to handle all this - and the screening, and the maintenance - rather than doing it myself. I have three properties, and very different experiences with each.

So I looked into some local companies, and am doing the math. What else should I be looking at? Their reputation? The number of properties they manage? How long they have been doing it?

livinthedream       12:30 28 May 17


10:22 25 Jun 17

I think it is worthwhile. With a property management company you have pros on your side. They make money and you make money.

They do a better job of screening tenants than most people do on their own, and also doing up all the legal stuff. Repairs are less headache, although if it is something minor, the tenant might complain about waiting.


10:07 17 Oct 21

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