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Hiring a Property Manager?

I have three two family houses. One I shared with my cousin's family and they just moved. Rental was a private agreement, no lease, because it was a longtime family agreement. Another two family I just inherited from my father. And I just (crazy me) bought a third.

I know what it is to maintain one two family house. I know I need help with multiple properties. So I want to hire a property manager to screen tenants, take care of the paperwork, and the repairs.

What should I look for - a real estate company? A property management company? Or should I hire someone and have them live in one of the apartments?

Ike234       08:41 12 Feb 17


09:39 16 Mar 17

Google Property Managers in your area. They typically cost 5 - 10% of monthly rents, but will take care of it for you.


08:25 25 Mar 17

Thanks. I've been interviewing some, and real estate companies seem to be set up to do it better. Worth the money, just making the decision to commit to one for the life of a contract.


12:45 24 Apr 17

A good manager makes a big difference. My landlord is working with a local real estate company now, and things are improved. People have to keep the rules, and things are a lot more clear. Makes the neighborhood better too.

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