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Is it managers responsibility to address this

I live in an apartment in Upstate, NY. There is alot of greenery around the apartment. Lots of patches of green grass. There are areas where people sit outside on the grass and there are tons of areas that are just green grass areas since this is in the country. I am talking right on the apartment complex property.

Dogs need to toilet themselves outside, right? No problem! I noticed that some people toilet their dogs on the "lawn" areas where people sit in chairs and at picnic tables. They do clean up after the dogs if it fecal matter.

I asked the property manager if she would send out a memo asking people to please try to use the areas of the property that aren't used by tenants for toileting their dogs. My main reason for doing this is because walking or sitting on the grass that is also used by dogs isn't such a cool thing.

There are no specific rules about where dogs are to be toileted here.

The property manager is very reluctant to do send out such a memo and I am not sure why. I did ask her and she said "I can't "make" them do that. People here don't listen to me". I am not sure if she can "make" anyone do anything, but common rules at apartment complexes usually exist.

Is it the property manager's responsibility to address tenants with dogs toileting their dogs in certain locations on the property? There is nothing in the lease about it.

outdoors272       04:31 14 Aug 23

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