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Landlords son took my parking

I rent in a two family house. The landlord has the other apartment. Street parking in the area is tight. There are two spaces in the driveway, one of which is mine.

The landlords son is staying with them for I don't know how long, and he has taken my parking space. They have told me to leave the space open for him. Is that wrong?

Adrian       02:34 10 May 17


11:31 31 Dec 16

Hi Adrian - since your landlord is your neighbor, it's a good idea to talk about this nicely. They probably won't make him leave the spot, but let them know that you need suggestions for where to park. Also talk about what is needed so no one blocks each other, or so that cars can be moved if you are blocked.

This happens sometimes with property owners who share a driveway. A little communication goes a long way because you still have to live with your neighbors.


08:47 12 Feb 17

Parking gets to be interesting with a two family, I have rented to family members and that makes it more interesting!

Tell your landlord that you are having difficulty with street parking, and if its difficult say when you get home from work, ask if one of the cars can be moved for you or if a space can be reserved in front of the house. My family used to do this by putting out two folding chairs, some rope tied across them, and a sign which said "reserved for resident of (address)". That might work, if neighbors are cooperative.


08:45 08 Apr 17

Thanks. We had a chat about it. Bottom line is I am finding a better place, with professional management and designated parking, closer to where I work.


03:55 16 Apr 17

I think thats a good idea. I saw your other thread about damage to your car and it sounds like you need to get out of the area, period, for your safety and sanity.

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