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Military Relocation

I'm in the Air Force, and my family and I have a nice rental close to base. We have a one year lease. What happens if my orders come in and we have to move before the lease is up?

Jodie       06:24 17 Jan 17


04:57 31 Dec 16

My cousin had that happen. There are rules and they are federal and state.

Military families can terminate a lease early if you entered the lease before active service, or have a permanent change of station while you are on active duty, or a deployment for over 90 days while on active duty. The lease ends 30 days after you make the rent payment after giving notice to the landlord.

So say you have to end your lease because of one of those things. You notify the landlord, pay the rent that is due, and the lease ends 30 days later.


10:38 19 Mar 17

Yes I have a friend who faced this. Made life much easier. Its also great when the landlord or property manager is military friendly and informed.


02:19 02 Jul 17

I did this once. I was off the hook after 30 days.

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