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Neighboring Tenant Keyed My Car

OK this is weird. I've had problems with a neighbor renting in the same area, and both properties are owned by my landlord. This guy dumps trash all over the street, drinks openly, and has loud parties. When he comes home you can tell because the music is thump thump thump at 3 am.

I called the police on him last week because it was all just too much. He saw me looking when they showed up and arrested him. He shouted at me to watch out....

So now I find that my new car has been keyed while parked in my space and neighbors tell me that they saw his girlfriend near my car, and she was talking smack about me. They believe she keyed my car. She keyed some obscene words on the side and back. You cannot miss it.

This is damage that happened on my landlords property. Can I hold him responsible for the repair? He did nothing about these people and now I feel like I am not safe.

Adrian       03:48 16 Apr 17


03:57 16 Apr 17

I saw on another thread where you live in a two family with your landlord, so it is his neighborhood too. You would think he would do something before this about the trouble the neighboring tenant causes, especially since its his property.

Sounds like you can do better in finding a new spot.


12:42 24 Apr 17

I would smack her upside the head.
No really, I would file a police report, and like Jodie says, find a new place.

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