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No Pets?

My Lease says no pets, but it seems everyone has a pet. That includes dogs. I want to adopt my sister's cat, she is allergic and i don't want the poor thing to go to a shelter. What should I do?

TexasMiss       02:01 23 Dec 16


02:14 23 Dec 16

Hi TexasMiss,

That's a common situation - sometimes landlords get careless about pets, until there is a problem.

Cats are probably easier than dogs if they are kept indoors. If the cat goes outside, there could be problems with other tenants, and other pets.

The best thing to do is to check with your landlord or property manager before you commit to having the cat fulltime. You might also want to "catsit" for a few weeks while looking for a backup in case it doesnt work out.

Check out our article on pets here:


04:47 31 Dec 16

I pretty much have cleared with my own landlord about pets. But I don't see how they could have a problem with catsitting, since you said there are others in the building with pets, including dogs.

A lot of landlords dont care until there is a problem.


08:43 08 Apr 17

I'd check with the landlord, or at least let them know that you have to take the kitty in for a while. If the landlord objects, ask about the other pets you see.

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