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Renting to own

My current landlord and I get along great, but he wants to sell the place where I am living. He says that my lease would survive the sale, but it would be up to the new landlord to renew the lease.

I really dont want to move so soon again. I also dont want to have to make my place available to show to new buyers. Been there done that, some of them are really rude!

He also talked to me about renting to own, and I wanted to find out more about that.

Airdad       03:30 15 Apr 17


03:52 16 Apr 17

This is a pain. I went through this - the lease survived the sale, but I had to make the place available for realtors to show. Some of them did not read the instructions, and would just show up demanding to be let in. They cannot do that.

Renting to own is not a bad deal if the owner is financing and would like to continue working with you. If you really want to keep the place, I would consider that. Sometimes its easier to work with owner financing than to get a loan from a bank.


12:52 04 May 17

Thanks Jodie. I am looking into renting to own with him. I think he wants the income and is not in a hurry to sell right now. I think the market had some surprises for him.

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