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Sublet through AirBnB

I am going to be gone for several months, traveling for family and business. I know I can sublet my apartment, but I thought it might be better to rent to several people, through AirBnB orsomething like that. This way it's more dependable that the subletting tenant will pay something that I can pay to the landlord.


jmcm1955       09:00 16 Jul 17


12:43 30 Jul 17

Great question! Here is an article from our site for landlords who are thinking of renting through AirBnB. As a tenant, you will need to check with your property manager or landlord to make sure that subletting is allowed, and what rules would apply.


12:25 06 Aug 17

Thanks. It's tempting.


07:40 06 Jul 18

ok, thanks

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